Frequently Asked Questions
Who created your logo?

The logo is the work of my talented friend Morgan Ray. She is an artist who draws soul portraits. The logo is a digital image of my soul portrait. If you're interested in having Morgan draw your soul portrait, you can contact her at 210-308-0374. If you are a pet lover, you might be interested in knowing she draws animal soul portraits also.

Do you make your own frames?

Yes and no, mostly no. I make the frame for the Fall poem, but the others I buy.

How did you get the idea to frame your poems?

The first poem I framed was the "Education" poem. It was a gift for my mother who is a teacher. I used an ordinary wooden frame for that one. While out shopping sometime later, I saw a decorative photo frame that was perfect for another poem. I started keeping an eye out for other frames for other poems and, after some success, started actively looking.

Do you plan to publish prose?

Yes, I'm currently writing a book called "Conformity Hill", a true story about a life-changing experience I had in the Air Force.